How to Catch the Bus

  1. Find a place along the bus route that is convenient for you.
  2. Make sure you are on the correct side of the street.
  3. Drivers are instructed NOT to stop for individuals on the wrong side.
  4. Try to avoid busy traffic intersections.
  5. If you can’t avoid being near an intersection meet the bus before it goes through the intersection.
  6. Know when the bus will pass by this point and be there early.
  7. When you see the bus, wave to the driver so they know you want to board.
  8. Have your fare or pass ready.
  9. The regular fare is $1.25 in cash or coin.
  10. Change cards are issued for an overpayment of $.35 or more
  11. No, you can NOT ride without paying your fare.
  12. Allow Passengers to exit first
  13. Step into the vehicle, slide your pass through the farebox or place your money in the farebox It is a small rectangular black metal box near the front of the vehicle.
  14. Operators are not allowed to handle fares.
  15. If you are new to the routes tell the driver where you want to go (they can help you) The driver may (will) not have time to talk so be quick.
  16. Have a seat and enjoy the ride.
  17. To request the vehicle to stop, pull on the rope along the windows.
  18. Eventually, your route will end up at the City of Longview's Multimodal Facility.

Basic Rules of Ridership

Food and Drinks:
Food and Drinks are not allowed on Longview Transit Vehicles.

Large Packages:
Large packages are not allowed on Longview Transit Vehicles. Generally, “large” is defined by two practical observations. First was the passenger able to easily carry the packages onto the vehicle in a single trip. Second is the passenger able to hold the items in their lap if necessary.

Weapons, including knives and firearms, are not permitted on Longview Transit vehicles.

Passengers on Longview Transit vehicles must have a destination for their trip.

Hazardous Materials:
Items that contain potentially hazardous materials are NOT allowed on the bus. These items include gas cans, paint, and car batteries.

Smoking and smokeless tobacco products may NOT be used on the bus.

Disorderly Conduct:
Profanity, vulgar language, and disorderly conduct are NOT allowed.

Pets are NOT allowed on Longview Transit Vehicles.
Service Animals are Welcome.


A fare is expected each time you board a vehicle. Use our Day Pass and ride an unlimited number of times all day for just $3.00!

Service Times
Hours of Service:
Monday-Friday | 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturdays | 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sundays | No Service

Holidays: No Service is provided on the Following Days
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day - may close early the day before
Christmas Day - may close early the day before

Delays or other Cancellations of Service
Occasionally, there are events or circumstances that delay our service. But even on days with significantly bad weather, Longview Transit will make every reasonable effort to run on time. Safety is always our first priority so please expect delays. Calling our dispatch office at 903–753–2287 x10 is the best way to get current information on any route delays.